Our Man in Austin

SXSW (South By Southwest) — the 10-day music, film, and interactive conference and festival — is underway in Austin, Texas.

It’s one of the biggest annual events for digital media professionals, and National Geographic is there. Or at least Robert Michael Murray is. He’s our Vice President for Social Media, and, as befits a guy with that title, he’s on Twitter.

His Twitter stream (below) will give you one window on what’s happening this year at SXSW — and provide perhaps the only public summary of Robert’s SXSW adventure.

Questions or comments? Contact Robert directly via email at rmm8@georgetown.edu.

(Robert doesn’t post his NGS email address anywhere online, so we dug up that alternate address (above) at Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies, where he is a consultant. Oddly enough, National Geographic’s website provides no information about how to reach our VP for Social Media or any other individual member of our Society’s staff — unless you’re an advertiser. Which strikes us as rather anti-social. … Robert, if you’re reading this — and we’ll tweet you a link so we’re sure you’ll see it — is there any chance you could add a few email links to, oh, the Magazine’s online masthead? We count more than 170 names, and there’s not an email address in sight. Thanks in advance for considering this idea.)

  • Guest

    you are a tool. a bitter, disgruntled, obsessed, tool. i love your blog-not your column-but your pathetic attempt to do whatever you can to stay involved with national geographic, because it makes the crap that those of us that are still have to deal with, less crappy. you are just jealous of mr. murray. Our Society, the one that fired you, agrees.

    • Thanks very much for your feedback. And hey — if I can make just one person’s “crap… less crappy,” then I’ll consider this website a success. 🙂

      When you have time, I’d love your thoughts on this: Why does NGS make it virtually impossible to email the Society’s VP for Social Media? (You gotta admit that’s funny.)

  • Guest

    not your ‘society.’ your subscription. not your business. no one cares what you think. it’s entertaining. where are all your advisers? why are they silent? dershowitz eh? not much journalism about that gig, eh? you don’t have a website. you have a blog. filled with information sent to you by other disgruntled employee’s. no, it’s not funny. no one’s email address is available because of badgers like you.

    you made a few valid points and then you get blinded by the shiny object of your obsession.

    make the most of your discount. shop. shop. shop. your Society wishes you would.

    • Well, a few valid points are better than none, I guess.

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