Tsunamis, Big Cats & Cupcakes

Donate To Save Big Cats VS. Watch Passively as a Human Tragedy Unfolds in Japan.

To: John Fahey, NGS CEO
Re: Priorities

Our Society is raising money to help big cats.

May we suggest that tsunami victims in Japan also deserve our Society’s support?

Every day, more than 200,000 people visit nationalgeographic.com, where you’ve posted tsunami pictures, tsunami facts, and promotions for National Geographic TV shows about tsunamis — all served up beside advertisements for discount cupcakes. But we don’t provide any information about how folks can help the people of Japan.

Why don’t you post a link, or a phone number, or list of organizations that are aiding the relief effort? By driving traffic to, say, the American Red Cross or Habitat for Humanity, we could support a very worthy cause at zero cost to the Society.

If lions deserve our Society’s help, so do people.


UPDATE, 16 March 2011: We’re delighted to report that NatGeo News Watch finally posted Japan Needs Our Help, with links to various aid organizations. And now there’s also a link on National Geographic’s home page. It’s not prominently displayed, but it is there. Thank you, NGS.

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