Avoiding a public relations fiasco

National Geographic Television ethics called out in allegations by famous author

Author of non-fiction bestseller Tokyo Vice; Jake Adelstein has pulled out of … advising National Geographic television on a programme about the Yakusa. He apparently felt so strongly about it, he returned all the payments that National Geographic television made to him and asked his name to be removed from the show. He makes some detailed allegations about National Geographic’s journalistic practices and talks about the Japanese concept of yarase or ‘fake’ that the media are often condemned for by the Japanese public. Since the programme is about Japanese criminal societies Adelstein considers that lives may be put as risk by the show. At the moment the story is a quiet storm amongst Japan-centric blogs, but if it blows up and even some of the allegations are proved to be true National Geographic could have a real reputational issue on its hands. More from Adelstein himself here. [emphasis added]

Published Mar 09 2011, 09:22 AM by Ged Carroll


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