National Geographic: “Join the Indian Army” (part 2)

We remain baffled why National Geographic has become a recruiting platform for India’s Defense Forces.

“National Geographic Channel, India’s Mission programs, are no ordinary TV shows. They have been conceived in collaboration with the Indian Defense Forces as a trilogy of mega public relations properties — driving perception, viewership, and revenues for the Channel while inspiring the Indian youth to look at the Defense Forces as an exciting way of life. … Mission Navy not only exceeded all business expectations, but also created a new sense of cool and pride about the Navy amongst a younger generation of Indians.”

— from NatGeo Mission Navy video (below)


Dear John,
Mission Navy?
Isn’t our mission “to inspire people to care about the planet“?


  • swapnil kanara

    i also want to join mission navy how can i please reply me on my mail or call me on 9773766417

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