Zahi Hawass: Catch me if you can!


SPIEGEL ONLINE: What sort of relationship did you have with the former president?

Egypt's former President Hosni Mubarek & Dr. Zahi Hawass

Zahi Hawass: I will tell you quite openly: Mubarak was not a bad man. He was a war hero and a man of peace. He had his merits. But I can also tell you that it was time for him to go. I cannot accept that a leader would cling to power for so long. But we do not need to insult him now that he has stepped down. Everyone is insulting each other. Why this lack of respect?

SPIEGEL ONLINE: So you think the protest movement has gone too far?

Zahi Hawass: No! No! The demonstrators on Tahrir Square have done a wonderful job. I was there on the streets. I am proud of these young people with their flags of freedom and democracy. ….

In other words: I agreed to serve as Minister of Antiquities in Hosni Mubarak’s cabinet when everyone in Egypt was demanding Mubarak resign AND I’m proud of the young people who demanded that Mubarak resign. … Confused? Troubled by this contradiction? Well, let me explain by saying: BOOYAH! <fist pump> 🙂

Any other questions?

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