David Griffin will be leaving National Geographic

After less than ten months as NGM’s Executive Editor of Electronic Publishing, David Griffin has decided to… well, to move on.

From NGM Editor Chris Johns:

David Griffin

With regret, I’m announcing that David Griffin will be leaving National Geographic magazine on March 11. David has accepted the newly created position of Visuals Editor at the Washington Post.  It is the equivalent of a Deputy Managing Editor responsible for photography, graphics, maps and design for the print publication, the web, and mobile devices.  “It is an opportunity I decided not to pass up,” says David.

David and the electronic publishing team are doing an outstanding job moving National Geographic into the digital age.  For now, David’s deputy, Melissa Wiley, will supervise the team as we explore the best structure to ensure the team’s continued success.

Please join me in thanking David for his years of outstanding service at National Geographic and wishing him the very best in his new position at the Washington Post.

Thank you, David, for your years of service at National Geographic. We wish you the very best in your new position.

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