Which side of history are we on?

Nick Kristof

“Bahrain is another Middle East domino wobbled by an angry youth — and it has struck back with volleys of tear gas, rubber bullets and even buckshot at completely peaceful protesters….

I hope that our cozy relations with those in power won’t dull our appreciation that history is more likely to side with protesters being shot with rubber bullets than with the regimes doing the shooting.”

— Nick Kristof, “Tunisia. Egypt. Bahrain?” in The New York Times, February 16, 2011


ABC’s Miguel Marquez Beaten in Bahrain


“In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies,
but the silence of our friends.”

— Martin Luther King, Jr.


CELEBRATING NGM'S NEW ARABIC EDITION (From left) Editor of National Geographic Chris Johns, Executive Vice President of National Geographic Terence Adamson, Emirati Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Sheikh Nahayan bin Mubarak al-Nahayan, Editor of National Geographic Al-Arabiya Mohammed al-Hammadi (Photo: AFP)

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