Silence empowers bullies

The turmoil in Cairo:

A man injured during clashes between the two factions of protesters on Wednesday. (via The New York Times)

Petrol bombs were also used to intimidate opponents. (via BBC News)

Egyptian soldiers restrain a supporter of President Hosni Mubarak who tried to get to opposition lines near Tahrir Square. (Goren Tomasevic / Reuters via The Los Angeles Times)


At the National Geographic Society,
here’s the official reaction to this violent crackdown
on Egyptians struggling for freedom & democracy:


Here’s the official NGS reaction
to threats posed to scenic landscapes:

NGM October 2006


Here’s the official NGS reaction to tyranny,
back when National Geographic understood that
democracy & freedom are essential
to the future of our society — and our Society.


We learned the hard way that silence empowers bullies.
So why are NGS leaders silent now?

  • There’s an allegation here that a journalist would like to report on the damage to the Cairo Museum, but NatGeo is reluctant to report it. If NatGeo magazine won’t report on matters relevant to the society, who will?

  • Hi Alun, Thanks for your comment. I checked out your link to the Guardian, and while Jonathan Jones & many others have expressed concern over the lack of media coverage re damage to & looting of antiquities in Egypt, National Geographic did have at least one item on their website: Clearly not sustained coverage, but better than nothing. … As for what’s actually happening to the people in Egypt right now — National Geographic can’t help. Though they do have some pretty photos of Portugal. 🙂

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