NG Blogger Quits Over Shell Sponsorship

Robert Stone, an award-winning film director, was recently hired by National Geographic to be a Featured Blogger for The Great Energy Challenge. Last night, Robert quit. Here’s why:

Robert explains his concerns in greater detail in Who’s Defining The Energy Debate, his third & final post which went up on Wednesday. Be sure to also read the comment by Alex Moen of National Geographic, followed by Robert’s withering response.

We feel Robert’s pain. We’ve never liked this NGS partnership with Shell. We worry it compromises our Society, and sullies Our Brand. We feel like we’re being used — no doubt for a handsome price. We think Shell’s participation distorts the debate, making our great energy challenge even more challenging. Which is why we hope these sorts of NGS “partnerships” will stop.

How will the project’s other bloggers respond to Robert’s concerns and his decision to resign? Bill ChameidesRaymond OrbachTimothy F. SutherlandFrank SesnoScott Bittle and Jean JohnsonJames BarrettPhaedra Ellis-Lamkins,  Martin Chávez, John R. Hickox, and Gregory Kallenberg — what do you all think?

For those of you following along at home, what’s your advice? Should the remaining bloggers stay or should they go?

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More to come….

NO NEW POSTS will be published here after February 6, 2014. THIS IS WHY.