Santas ejected from Tiananmen Square

Santas gather in Tiananmen Square for a group photo on Saturday... moments before security guards kicked them out.

According to The Beijinger:

“… The gathering was part of the SantaCon Christmas pub crawl on Saturday, which saw a large group of revelers dressed in red and white costumes visit sites across the city. Authorities were not impressed, it seems, when they gathered on Tiananmen Square. The Global Times reports:

“When the Santas assembled for a group shot before leaving for the next phase of the daylong pub-crawl, police demanded they disperse.

‘You are causing a social disturbance, leave the square now,’ an officer said.

When asked why, the officer said, ‘This is an order of the Beijing police department.’

‘If you want to visit Tiananmen, come in the appropriate way,’ he added.”


Dear John,

•  Why do you think government authorities in China feel threatened by a group of holiday revelers dressed up in Santa suits?

•  Why do you think government authorities in China are not threatened by National Geographic, which recently received a warm welcome to that country?

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≡  Santa photo from the Global Times via The Beijinger

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