Our Society’s Deafening Silence

“… In short, the world must strenuously object to the Chinese model for development which decouples economic and political reform by unapologetically asserting that anything, including domestic and international oppression, can be justified if it is viewed to enable economic growth.

International scrutiny of the Chinese government’s widespread violation of fundamental rights at home and abroad is not meddling in its “internal affairs”; it flows from its legal commitments to respect the inherent dignity and equality of every person.

(via Reporters Without Borders)

Though he is just one of 1.3 billion, the story of this year’s Nobel peace prize laureate, Dr Liu Xiaobo, is sadly emblematic of the Chinese government’s intolerance to individual expression….

China doesn’t just violate the human rights of its citizens, it coddles and supports brutal dictatorships around the world. The authoritarian regimes in Burma, Sudan and North Korea, whose actions continue to threaten international peace and security, remain free to commit mass atrocities against its peoples because of bilateral support and billions of dollars of weapons supplied by Beijing….”

“The world must strenuously object…,” say Havel and Tutu. But here’s what National Geographic executives have added to this urgent public discussion:

In related news:

NGM China launched in 2007.

We hear you thinking that all-too-familiar refrain: National Geographic isn’t about inspiring people to care about human rights, freedom, and democracy; National Geographic is about inspiring people to care about the planet.

Well, now it is, but NGS was clearly about something very different from the 1940s through the 1970s, when the Society’s membership soared, and the Magazine became a familiar & much beloved publication to tens of millions of people around the world.

Just ask the host of this talk show on Russian TV:


≡   Vaclav Havel via Speaker Associates
≡  Desmond Tutu via thefamouspeople.com

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