End of an Era

Gil Grosvenor in 1984.
“When he retires at the end of 2010,
it will conclude 122 consecutive years of stewardship
by his family over the National Geographic Society.”


≡  photo by James Conaway, The Washington Post

  • NGFriend

    Still diffucult to believe. NGS w/o Grosvenors is hard to fathom for someone with as long an association as I’ve had..

    • NGFriend

      Should read “difficult” and only one period after the second sentence.

      • I don’t say this because he just retired, but because it’s true: Gil was ahead of his time. Pre-1980, the Magazine was a journal — first person, subjective, with a real POV. People loved it. From 1980 on, NGM aspired to journal – ism — more third-person, omniscient, “we have no dog in this fight, we’re just here to report” — and gradually, the crowd started going away. Yes, there are a lot of other factors that have led to this exodus, but I remain convinced that giving up our POV was giving up far too much.If you don’t believe me, then maybe you’ll believe this guy: http://societymatters.org/2009/10/23/the-elephant-in-the-room/

      • re: the mis-spellings — you did me a favor. They distract people from my last two painfully cliché headlines. 🙂

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