Burning up our (brand) equity

Does a documentary called “Ultimate Factories: Porsche” — which looks like a one-hour advertisement for a high-end automaker — suck the credibility out of Our Brand? Does it sacrifice the long-term health of NGS for a quick infusion of cash? Are programs like this a strategic error for our Society?

Evidently not. Here’s Tim Kelly, President of National Geographic Global Media:

“Our organization must evolve
to take advantage of myriad new opportunities.”

The National Geographic Channel's web site, along with a promotion from Porsche via Twitter (inset).

“There appears to be an epidemic of brand erosion going on, with some of the best and brightest companies with years of doing things right stumbling and hurting themselves in eyes of their consumers. I think part of the reason is that companies forget their core competencies in the drive for growth…

What are the lessons here? You can grow too fast. You can get disconnected from your consumer base. You can forget your roots and DNA….”

— from “Toyota, Home Depot, Motorola, BP, Wal-Mart — Brand Erosion Hits The Biggest And Best Brands. What’s Going On?” by Bruce Nussbaum in Bloomberg Business Week


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