Objective Nonsense (part 13)

Has National Geographic been objective — “without an agenda” —
for more than 120 years, as Editor Chris Johns claims?

You make the call!

(November 1951)


On May Day Half a Million Berliners Mass against Communism
This mighty outpouring cheered speakers using such phrases as “barbaric police states that hide behind the term ‘People’s Democracy.'” The huge, orderly crowd extended to the burned-out Reichstag Building close to the Soviet Sector line. Many East Berliners flocked across to stand with their free neighbors. Black mourning drapes the banner of Saxony, one of the States occupied by the Soviets. Others (right to left) represent Baden, Bavaria, and Berlin.


Blue-shirted Young Communists of East Berlin Recall the Hitler Youth
Grim-faced lads pounding flower-decked drums are typical Communist Freie Deutsche Jugend, so-called “Free German Youth.” Ahead of a sign urging “Forward with Stalin,” they march along Unter den Linden in the Soviet-sponsored World Youth Festival in the Russian Sector. Comparing the Blue-shirts to Hitler Youth, the author says, “Nothing has changed but the color.”

*     *     *

Chris Johns

Stories like this one — and the NGM archive is full of them — make us wonder why Editor Chris Johns insists on mischaracterizing our Society’s history:

“We at National Geographic are committed to an unbiased presentation of facts. … It’s what we’ve been doing for more than 120 years.”

No, Chris, it isn’t.

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