NGS Community Page on Facebook: Will We Get In?

Last Thursday, we submitted our request to join the National Geographic Society’s Community Page on Facebook.

We’re not sure how many people already belong, or what criteria are used to screen potential members, or exactly how this “community” works. But we certainly think we qualify for admission: We obviously “have a passion for [the] National Geographic Society,” and believe we can bring a lot of constructive ideas to the conversation.

“We’ll let you know when we’re ready for your suggestions,” National Geographic told us five days ago (above).

Dear NGS: Are you ready yet?



  1. Alan Mairson
    AlanMairson Dues-paying member of @NatGeoSociety can’t get invitation to NGS Community Page on Facebook: Some help, @rmmdc?
  2. RobertMichaelMurray
    rmmdc @AlanMairson you got it wrong again. Page isn’t managed by NatGeo, it’s a FB “community page” – or
  3. Alan Mairson
    AlanMairson @rmmdc Now *that* was helpful! 🙂 Thanks. … Do you know who administers the community page?

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