“The First Grader”

National Geographic Entertainment just acquired the U.S. rights to The First Grader, which was runner-up for the People’s Choice Awards at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival:

From The Hollywood Reporter:

The dramatic feature tells the true story of an 84-year-old Kenyan, a farmer and former Mau Mau tribesman, who fights to go to school when his country introduces universal education. …

“When I saw ‘The First Grader,’ I knew immediately that National Geographic should acquire it. It’s not only about historic political events, but it tells a personal story with great warmth and humor. ‘The First Grader’ made Telluride and Toronto audiences laugh and cry, but it also made them think about the power of learning,” National Geographic Films president Daniel Battsek said.

Looks and sounds like a wonderful film. Here’s hoping it’s well received by critics and at the box office.

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