The Center Will Not Hold (3)

Journalism’s center of gravity keeps shifting….

NPR’s Argo Launches With Dozen Sites In Search Of Sustainability

The Argo Network goes live officially today: twelve sites hosted by 14 stations, each zeroing in on a topic of specific interest to that community relevance—local music in Philly, education and technology in the Bay Area, climate change on Cape Cod, New York state politics, the military in San Diego. … NPR wants to show that with the right resources, stations can create beats of value to the community and in turn increase their own audience and value by using the internet as a platform for original content.

— from Staci Kramer @

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“A completely new model for us”: The Guardian gives outsiders the power to publish for the first time

Last week, the Guardian launched a network of science blogs with a goal that perfectly mixed science with blog: “We aim to entertain, enrage and inform.”

The network also marks another small shift in the media ecosystem: the media behemoth and independent bloggers, collaborating for audiences rather than competing for them.

— from Megan Garber @ Nieman Journalism Lab

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Coming Soon: Storify

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Meanwhile, at National Geographic:

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