NGM’s iPad app is here

(Released: September 4, 2010)

What’s dragging down the overall rating to 2.5 out of 5? Customers on iTunes say:

Poor quality scans: … Hard to read. Zooming makes it worse. Waste of time….

Misleading: Don’t think you’re getting anything with this app. It just tries to reroute you to another app where you need to pay. There’s not even a small photo or article here and if there is, who knows where to find it.

TERRIBLE PHOTO RESOLUTION: My three year old’s little tykes camera gives more detailed photos. Not dissing the excellent NG photographers, but the app makers. Come on NG, you can do better than these clowns.

Junk: This is yet another in-app purchase marketing ploy. Total junk, pass this one by.

David Griffin, please call your office.

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