“Enable community”

In a recent post at Buzz Machine, Jeff Jarvis offers eight ideas on what magazines must do to survive — and this one tops the list:

Jeff Jarvis

1. Ignore print. Enable community. Yes, print is where the revenue is today. But it’s only going to shrink. Preserving print — and the past — is no strategy for the future. The physical costs of production and distribution are killing. The marketing cost of subscriber acquisition and churn is hellish. The editorial costs of maintaining gloss are wasteful if not sinful. So concentrate instead on your relationships with your like-minded souls among the people formerly known as your audience. In a social (post-brand, post-search) market, these magazines still have tremendous if very perishable value if you know how to unlock it because their people care about the same stuff. Enable communities to build and meet and create value around their interests….  Enable them to do what they want to do and follow along. Before you follow the money, follow the passion.

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

But here’s the question for NGS: What community has the National Geographic Society enabled that allows members to look not at the stage (where the ads are displayed), but sideways to other members? How can we find out who else is part of this (nominal) community?

Any thoughts, John Fahey? Tim Kelly? Chris Johns? Robert Michael Murray? If so, please feel free to share in the comments, below.

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