PixBoomBa: Thinking Beyond the Yellow Rectangle

PixBoomBa is a new project from two talented photographers who figured out that although National Geographic is a big part of their past, it need not be the biggest part of their future. (Good luck with it, guys.)

  • Cary

    Thanks for this Alan, We are launching the full site tonight on pixboomba.com. Now everybody will know what serious National Geographic photographers are really like!
    All the best,

  • Hi Cary — It’s a pleasure & an honor to give you guys a well-deserved shout out. Pixboomba looks quite ambitious & a lot of fun — and not exactly the sort of thing they’re doing at Ol’ Yellow.

    I hope the launch is a huge success — and that you & Bob become the Click & Clack of the online photo world.

    Keep us posted….

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