Grosvenor Grandson Abandons ‘National’ Allegiance

July 16 (Bloomberg) — A former U.S. State Department official was sentenced to life in prison and his wife got 81 months after they admitted to giving classified information about U.S. national defense to Cuba for three decades.

U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton in Washington heard arguments for more than an hour before making his ruling. Prosecutors had suggested life in prison for Walter Kendall Myers, 73, and 90 months for his wife, Gwendolyn, 72, after both pleaded guilty in November 2009.

Kendall Myers, the great-grandson of Alexander Graham Bell and grandson of longtime National Geographic editor Gilbert Grosvenor, had admitted to three counts of conspiracy to commit espionage and two counts of wire fraud, while his wife pleaded guilty to one conspiracy count.

“I see no sense of remorse,” Walton said as he issued the sentence. “As the government said, you’re proud of the things you did.” …

≡  via NY Daily News, PBS NewsHour & Bloomberg Businessweek

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