Objective Nonsense (part 7)

Here’s the latest match-up in our ongoing series:

Chris Johns, Editor of National Geographic magazine, on the objectivity of NGM’s stories:

Chris Johns

[Photographer Stephanie Sinclair] has no agenda. She does not judge. … She photographs what she sees and provides the opportunity for insight. The rest is up to the reader.

In a world full of shrill voices and agendas, we at National Geographic are committed to an unbiased presentation of facts. … It’s what we’ve been doing for more than 120 years.
(We first posted this excerpt here.)

Mathew Ingram

Mathew Ingram is a senior writer at GigaOm, a former journalist with the Globe and Mail and co-founder of the mesh conference in Toronto. In Twitter Forces Media to Confront the Myth of Objectivity, he writes:

The reality is that social media forces journalists to confront the fact that while many of them pretend professionally to have no opinions — outside of the op-ed pages — reporters and editors have plenty of their own views on the issues they cover, and those views can color the journalism they produce.

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