“These dynamic times…”

Staff shifts at NGM:

From: Chris Johns, NGM Editor
To: NGM Staff and Colleagues

It is my pleasure to announce the promotion of David Griffin to the position of Executive Editor, Electronic Publishing as well as Kurt Mutchler’s promotion to Executive Editor, Photography. Both promotions are effective immediately.

David has done an outstanding job spearheading our early efforts at building NGM’s electronic publishing platform. In recent weeks it has become apparent that this effort is a full- time job, worthy of executive leadership. David’s grasp of technology and all the promise it offers, his love and passion for photography, his strong sense of design and graphics and his dedication to journalistic excellence make him the ideal person to fill this important position.

Kurt’s distinguished career as an editor and his strong leadership of the photography editors have prepared him well for the role he will now assume. He has shown a keen appreciation for the importance of building our photography coverage despite challenging times and a commitment to continue and refine NGM’s visual storytelling tradition. I know that Kurt and his staff look forward to working closely with our photographers and the entire NGM staff to encourage a creative environment where we all can thrive.

David, Kurt and I encourage you talk to with us about the opportunities before us and how we can best take advantage of these dynamic times.

Please join me in congratulating David and Kurt.


From David Griffin:

Dear photographers,

Today I have been promoted to the newly created position of Executive Editor of Electronic Publishing. My career has traveled a varied and personally rewarding path through visual journalism, and this move is a logical next step that builds from my experience in publication design, graphics, editing, and of course, photography. Being tasked with the new position is an extreme honor and allows me to have direct involvement into an arena which I am convinced will be key, to not just NGM, but our entire industry’s healthy future.

Kurt Mutchler will become Executive Editor of Photography. He and his staff look forward to working closely with you to build a structure that will ensure a creative environment in which we can all thrive. Kurt has an open door and welcomes hearing your ideas.

It has been a true honor to be along with you each during your own journey with the magazine and I look forward to continuing the relationship as we push into this uncharted, but very exciting, new territory.


NO NEW POSTS will be published here after February 6, 2014. THIS IS WHY.