“NGM on steroids”? We hope not.

Here’s NGS CEO John Fahey on the future of National Geographic magazine:

“[L]et’s talk about how exciting the digital future is for NGM. I think of it as NGM unshackled or NGM on steroids.”

We think John’s analogy is apt: Steroids make you look ripped in the short term, but they destroy you over time. Which is what digital technologies have been doing to legacy media companies — making them appear muscular in the short term (look at our multi-platform versatility!), while gradually pulverizing their established business models. (See this media morgue. And this one too.)

The take-away: John needs to find a healthier, more sustainable analogy — and business plan.

P.S. Remember the membership model that built the National Geographic Society? With the right mission and message, we still think it could work.

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