“The dangers of not making the changes….”

“[W]hile the company has had a truly amazing past and an enviably prosperous present, unless it regains its creative spark, it’s an open question whether it has much of a future.”

“The company” referenced above is Microsoft. What’s interesting is that we found this quote in The New York Times via John Fahey‘s in-house blog, where the only comment thus far is this one:

“John, Not sure if you caught this in today’s paper, but I think its [sic] food for thought on the dangers of not making the changes. I think there are some definite similarities to what you’re talking about. www.nytimes.com/2010/02/04/opinion/04brass.html

Definite similarities, indeed.

(John’s blog is still behind the NGS firewall, so we can’t link directly to it here.)

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