Team Cinzano Is Coming!


UPDATE 10:50 p.m.: A friend and former NGS colleague writes:

My all-time favorite ‘feel good’ movie. The music is (appropriately) Mendelssohn’s Italian symphony. But, um, Alan, what does it have to do with the NGS blueprint for journalism?

Great question, Friend & Former Colleague.

Breaking Away is… well, it sorta captures one of our blog’s major themes: Pretend to be something you’re not (Italian, say, or an “international” Society) and things get embarrassing fast. The members of Team Cinzano — they symbolize the Magazine’s senior editors: At first, you think they’re the best in the world, worthy of your emulation and respect. But then, over time… well, you’ve seen the movie. As for the Cutters, they’re the… umm… ahhh, forget it. You got me. The movie has nothing at all to do with journalism. But we gotta vary the editorial mix here at Society Matters. Plus, it’s a wonderful film with a memorable message. And who doesn’t like Mendelssohn’s Italian Symphony?

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