Rethinking It All

rethink2Robert Michael Murray, National Geographic’s (relatively) new Vice President for Social Media, was in Hawaii last week for a conference called [Re]Think:

At its core, the week is about connecting entrepreneurs and investors during a series of panels, lunches, excursions, dinners, cocktails and aloha style exchange of ideas and relationship building in Hawaii. Our focus is bringing a core group of people from our collective networks together who have a shared interest in solving problems and rethinking tech, business and sustainability.

While [Re]Think has a Facebook page, a Twitter hashtag, and photos on Flickr, there isn’t any live streaming or archived videos of the panel discussions or presentations. There are no podcasts. No transcripts. (If you find any, please post links in the comments, below.)

Looking for some hint of what our Society’s representative might have learned in Hawaii, we turned to Robert’s Twitter feed (@rmmdc), which we’ve captured below. (Best we can tell, Robert hasn’t blogged a word since he started working at National Geographic in June. And thus far, his public presence on the Society’s web site is virtually zero.)

Once Robert returns to DC, we hope he’ll share some of the highlights of this five-day conference — on his personal blog, on the Society’s site, here at Society Matters… anywhere at all. We’re excited to hear his new ideas about how social media can help our Society stop its free fall and find its footing again.

  1. RobertMichaelMurray
    rmmdc Just landed in Honolulu. Watched 500 Days of Summer and Adam, probably not the most uplifting inflight movies. #rethink
  2. RobertMichaelMurray
    rmmdc Defs missing out –> Geeks #PearlHarbor Museum cocktails & tour #rethink #goap (via @PacificAviation @davemcclure)
  3. RobertMichaelMurray
    rmmdc Okay, totes going on a shopping tour of Waikiki Beach … oh how you tempt me on the way to the hotel. Should resist. But. Will. Not.
  4. RobertMichaelMurray
    rmmdc Jealous. Flight needed to be faster from DC –> Leaving @PacificAviation Museum Pearl Harbor, great museum #ReThink (via @techmama)
  5. RobertMichaelMurray
    rmmdc Been up since 8:00 am EST, is now 8:00 pm in Honolulu. You do the math. Btw, may have had 8 pints of something as well. Love my 8s. #rethink
  6. RobertMichaelMurray
    rmmdc Uhm, do I really have a conference call at 6am local (1 pm EST)? And panel at 9am? Don’t folks realize I’m in Honolulu? #rethink #justsayin
  7. RobertMichaelMurray
    rmmdc Had a great conversation with @blogworld; looking forward to the panel discussion in the am (despite the 9am start time).
  8. RobertMichaelMurray
    rmmdc @christinelu @davemcclure have been unbelievable hosts since my arrival; am honored to have earned #goap membership. Psyched for #rethink
  9. RobertMichaelMurray
    rmmdc @j_behl srrsly. Need to change the flavor, no more haterade!
  10. RobertMichaelMurray
    rmmdc Microsoft Redesigns MSN, Adds Twitter and Facebook – (via @mashable)
  11. RobertMichaelMurray
    rmmdc These were effin awesome –> I brought coco puffs come to the back of the room #rethink say hi to rickyli99 (via @rickyli99)
  12. RobertMichaelMurray
    rmmdc Fantastic conversation with @nathankam @neenz @tcastor and Jay Talwar at #ReThink. Big kudos to @blogworld for running a great panel.
  13. RobertMichaelMurray
    rmmdc Hawaii is geographically an ideal place for more face to face East Meets West exchanges. #rethink (via @christinelu)
  14. RobertMichaelMurray
    rmmdc @kaiserkuo: “Korea has an unholy alliance between manufacturers….it’s a techno dystopia” #rethink (via @rickyli99)
  15. RobertMichaelMurray
    rmmdc @Xeus true dat! Some great conversations going on out here.
  16. RobertMichaelMurray
    rmmdc Hope you enjoy it –> Every single National Geographic just showed up. On a hard drive! (via @scobleizer)
  17. RobertMichaelMurray
    rmmdc @amanda is rocking the non-profit case study panel at #rethink letting folks know about the evolution and growth of @twestival.
  18. RobertMichaelMurray
    rmmdc Up next at #rethink Hawaii, @jowyang talking social media case studies with @tedr and @slangille with new hashtag: #recase
  19. RobertMichaelMurray
    rmmdc Srrsly, WTF was that -> I’m on stage at #rethink, a half naked man streaked through our panel. Everything stopped. It was @kk (via @jowyang)

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