Where Are You, John Fahey?

John Fahey

John Fahey

To: John Fahey, CEO of NGS

Where are you? Online, we mean.

We’ve been searching for videos that feature you—and found only two clips (see below). Which is too bad because we’d like to hear much more from you — especially as our Society keeps searching for a viable business model. (As you well know, laying people off is not a remedy for what ails NGS.)

If you’re interested in reaching out to National Geographic members—past, present, and possibly future ones—to share your insights about the Society, we’d be delighted to share the stage here at Society Matters, where we could showcase an exclusive interview with you.

Why make an appearance on our modest little site? Well, we’re told by reliable sources inside NGS that you recently said (and this is a paraphrase) the only way National Geographic will survive is if we leverage our identity as a community. We couldn’t agree more. It’s all about putting the “Society” back into National Geographic. Talk to us and you’re talking to an audience that’s fully supportive of that message.

Plus, we hear Society Matters is read by top decision makers at National Geographic. What better way to reach that audience than to take the stage here?

(BTW: We have enormous respect for Betty Hudson, but some people say that when it comes to information about NGS, Society Matters is a more trusted brand than Inside NGS. Why? Because this blog isn’t a megaphone for the corporate communications office.)

If you’re interested in sitting down for a chat, then please let us know. We’d be happy to grab our video camera, and then swing by NGS headquarters at your convenience.

all the best,
Your friends @ Society Matters

(To view videos, click on the images below, which will take you to another site.)

John on a panel at the Hawaii Executive Conference

John speaks about leadership during a panel discussion at the Hawaii Executive Conference.

John Fahey talks about what Earth Day means to him.

John shares his thoughts about Earth Day.

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