Something Doesn’t Ad Up

adage-logoThis just in: National Geographic has been ranked #10 on Advertising Age‘s Magazine A-List for 2009. Which is a nice follow-up to Chris Johns being named Editor of the Year by Advertising Age in 2008.

eyecartoonAd Age is clearly impressed by the wide range of advertising vehicles available for rent at National Geographic, where millions of “eyeballs” gaze upon magazines, television channels, web sites, exhibitions, games, mobile products, and much more. Ad Age also knows it takes the right kind of Editor to make this publishing relationship work (for advertisers, anyway).

In other words: Advertisers are happy with National Geographic. NGM’s Publisher is no doubt happy. Which makes the Editor happy. Even the Society’s new VP for Social Media appears to be happy with Ad Age‘s “awesome” announcement.

Happy is good. We like happy. Problem is, millions of people aren’t happy with the current relationship. In fact, they seem rather pissed — and that’s a huge problem for our Society:

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