The ‘Decisive Moment’ May Be Passing


For the June 2009 issue of Esquire, photographer Greg Williams shot video of actress Megan Fox with a Red One camera and extracted stills from the resulting footage. Frame grabbing, it’s called, and it’s a big deal, especially as journalists are expected to bring back more digital content from the field.

Nieman Journalism Lab has a nice summary here. One revealing excerpt:

[Photographer David Leeson has] been surprised by the resistance among many of his fellow photojournalists. Even as each wave of new cameras to hit the market makes frame grabbing an easier option, Leeson still finds himself preaching to the unconverted. The main resistance may be the core belief that the fundamental art of the photograph is timing the decision of when to press the shutter.

What happens when this “core belief” gets blown apart by new technology? The pro-am divide among photographers will narrow even more.

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