First, Put The Camera In a Styrofoam Beer Cooler….

The Pro-Am divide keeps shrinking:


From Wired‘s Gadget Lab:

Students Justin Lee and Oliver Yeh “(from MIT, of course) put together a low-budget rig to fly a camera high enough to photograph the curvature of the Earth. Instead of rockets, boosters and expensive control systems, they filled a weather balloon with helium and hung a styrofoam beer cooler underneath to carry a cheap Canon A470 compact camera. Instant hand warmers kept things from freezing up and made sure the batteries stayed warm enough to work.

Of course, all this would be pointless if the guys couldn’t find the rig when it landed, so they dropped a prepaid GPS-equipped cellphone inside the box for tracking. Total cost, including duct tape? $148.”

Very cool.

Photo credit: 1337 Arts/Justin Lee and Oliver Yeh via Wired

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