All Is Chaos: The Video & (maybe) The Debate


To: John Fahey, CEO of NGS

You really owe it to yourself—and your staff—to watch this video. In fact, before the next round of layoffs, why not get everyone together in Grosvenor Auditorium, make some popcorn, dim the lights, and then watch Bob Garfield present this synopsis of his new book, The Chaos Scenario: Amid the Ruins of Mass Media, the Choice for Business Is Stark: Listen or Perish.

And if you really want a memorable event, why not invite Mr. Garfield to National Geographic for a post-screening debate with John Q. Griffin?


Just think: a friendly face-off between the main prophet of The Chaos Scenario (and the c0-host of NPR’s On The Media) vs. the National Geographic Society’s President of Publishing & the Chairman of the Magazine Publishers of America. Bob says we’re on a sinking ship and that our only option is to Listen; meanwhile, John thinks we can bail ourselves out by selling the Brand to Lipton. Clearly, these two guys have very different worldviews.

We think such a debate would be educational for everyone at the Society, a useful exercise for Mr. Griffin, a great opportunity for Mr. Garfield to sell some books (bulk discounts available!), and maybe even a huge hit for NGS as a pay-per-view event. (We’re kidding about pay-per-view… but not entirely.)

Please let us know when the first screening and debate will be. We’ll bring the drinks!

all the best,
Your friends @ Society Matters


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