If Long-Form Is Dead, What’s NGM.com Going To Do?

Josh Tyrangiel

Josh Tyrangiel

Josh Tyrangiel, Managing Editor of TIME.com and Deputy Managing Editor of TIME magazine, says long-form journalism doesn’t work on the web (see video, below). Yet National Geographic magazine still seems to think it does. Each month, NGM’s feature stories are cut-and-pasted onto the Society’s web site (without any links), chopped into ten or more ad-friendly pages, and posted as the “features.”


We’d love to see a video featuring National Geographic Editor-in-Chief Chris Johns, Managing Editor Victoria Pope, or anyone else from the Magazine staff or from nationalgeographic.com who can explain NGM’s overall web strategy and editorial sensibility. Because, right now, long-form journalism still seems to be the center of what National Geographic magazine is offering on the web—and, as Josh points out, it’s not working.

(Special note to Chris & Victoria: We’d be delighted to swing by NGS headquarters to tape such a segment. Interested? Please let us know in the comments, below.)


≡ photo of Josh Tyrangiel via the Aspen Ideas Festival

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