It’s Here: National Geographic Magazine — Aug. 2009

NGMAugust2009coverMy first stop: the Editor’s Note—and not simply because it appears on page 2.

As I wrote in my first post, the Editor’s note is a keystone to the Society’s future because…

“… almost five million people still pay attention to National Geographic. The opportunity to address such a huge crowd is rare—a gift, really—in a world buzzing with distractions. One person—NGM’s Editor in Chief—has the privilege and responsibility of addressing this enormous audience each month via his one-page Editor’s Note. From this virtual podium, strategically positioned at the front of the Magazine, he has the chance to inform, inspire, and lead. The question is: With almost five million people listening, what is he saying?….”

This month, Chris Johns talks about the “plight of the salmon.”

In future months, we hope Chris will begin to use his virtual podium to speak to the Society’s membership about the plight of our Society—4.2 million members and falling fast.

Or, to quote Chris (writing in his Editor’s Note about a threatened “salmon heaven”):

“The direction this narrative takes…
will be determined by management decisions….”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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