The Missing Links

social-networkRead the National Geographic Society’s Twitter stream, and you quickly realize that virtually every link in every tweet drives you to the NGS web site. And a quick review of using a site link analyzer reveals more of the same—lots of internal links, but relatively few outbound ones.*

We know that advertisements must be served. But is this the best way to build an online community?

NGS ought to spend lots more time linking out to the wider web—or, in the Geographic vernacular, to “the world and all that is in it.” For as Jay Rosen says:

“When we link we are expressing the ethic of the web which is to connect people and knowledge. And the reason you link doesn’t have anything to do with copyright and property. It has to do with that’s how we make the web into a web of connections.”


* If you try this site link analyzer and reach a different conclusion than we did, please let us know.

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