“Every successful organization has a story….”

Amazon Dolphins.  Arctic Landgrab. Changing Rains. Hatsheput. Those are some individual stories from recent issues of National Geographic magazine.

But what’s the bigger story National Geographic is telling month to month, year to year? Put another way: If each feature story in the Magazine was one pixel in a photograph, what would the Big Picture look like these days?

We believe this question is the keystone to the Society’s future. The Big Picture—this on-going institutional Story—is critical because it defines the kind of Society we are now, and aspire to become.

Or as marketing guru Seth Godin says:

Seth GodinMarketing is telling a story that sticks, that spreads and that changes the way people act. The story you tell is far more important than the way you tell it. Don’t worry so much about being cool, and worry a lot more about resonating your story with my worldview. If you don’t have a story, then a great show isn’t going to help much.

(And yes, every successful organization has a story….)

What is the National Geographic Society’s story? And is it working? More on that coming soon….

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