Smithsonian’s “Voice Your Vision”: The NGS Remix

megaphonemanTo explain the mission of Society Matters, we considered producing a no-frills video: white background, straightforward graphics, simple typography, innocuous music, and a voice-over that was both authoritative and inviting.

But then we realized: The Smithsonian Institution recently made the video for us! (Or something that’s pretty close.)

Here it is, with two edits you’ll need to make as you watch. First, every time you hear the word “Smithsonian,” replace it with the words “National Geographic Society.”

And every time you see their logo… smithsonianlogo … imagine you’re seeing ours:


Otherwise, not much else is different. Both our projects are trying to strengthen important (and often similar) American institutions. And both projects are animated by the belief that game-changing ideas can come from anyone… including you.

If you’d actually like to send us such a video with ideas for NGS, then upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, or some other video sharing service. Send the link to me: alan [at] societymatters [dot] org. I’ll embed the best ones on our site. Or, I guess you could just send me the link for someone else’s video response to Smithsonian, and we’ll overdub, as above. 🙂

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